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2D Animated Explainer Video



Explainer videos can vary in look and feel completely. This example has taken on a friendly cartoon style rather than looking to stuffy or corporate.

As with every project, we initially work with the client to establish the look and feel. This can be a process of being supplied examples of videos that they like and us creating initial concepts. Once an art style is established we can set to work creating the characters, assets and animation.

The animation process is straight forward. In the first instance we produce concepts and a visual storyboard form the supplied script. Once this is approved we would then create final artwork and animation. The Animation itself is supplied as 1920×1080 HD movie file.

We also arrange for professional voice artist where suitable and backing music.

  • Concepts

  • Visual Storyboard

  • 2D Animation

Software and Processes used

Every project is different, and quite often requires using different software to accomplish. In the most part Adobe Photoshop is used to create any rough concept work and visuals. Form this the final artwork is then either finished in Photoshop or taken into Adobe Illustrator to create neater lines. It all depends on the look and feel required for the final artwork.  When creating animations, the initial process is the same for artwork, but then taken into Animation software.

When animating, software such as Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion are utilised with all final video editing done in Final Cut Pro.

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Storyboard Pro

  • Toon Boom Harmony

Concepts in Photoshop
Visual Storybaord form script
2D Animation

2D Animated Explainer Video

Animated Explainer Videos are hugely popular, and an ideal way to get your message across in a quick and easy to digest format. With the audience engaged they will digest and remember more information than they would reading a page full of text.

So it is important to get the balance right between engaging and informing. Sometimes videos can be a little too dry and start to lose the audience after a few seconds. Our approach is always to add a creative edge to the video that sets it apart from other creatives. Whilst this style is not for everyone, we are flexible in our approach and can produce animation in pretty much any style you would want, making us an ideal creative partner.

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