Project Description

2D Animated Short Film



Animated short films can cover any number of topics, this example video was created for a TV pitch. A short animated story about some little characters that lived inside if plants, with a fairy god mother and a rainbow tree!

Some projects have low budgets so certain corners have to be cut, but this is fine and when creating a proposal for the animation, we take into account any budget limitations. Ultimately the bigger the budget the more creative we can be, but at the same time, we understand the commercial side to business.

  • Character Rigging

  • Assets Creation

  • 2D Animation

Software and Processes used

Every project is different, and quite often requires using different software to accomplish. In the most part Adobe Photoshop is used to create any rough concept work and visuals. Form this the final artwork is then either finished in Photoshop or taken into Adobe Illustrator to create neater lines. It all depends on the look and feel required for the final artwork.  When creating animations, the initial process is the same for artwork, but then taken into Animation software.

When animating, software such as Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion are utilised with all final video editing done in Final Cut Pro.

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Toon Boom Harmony

Asset Creation
Character Animation

2D Animation

2D animation used in animated short films is a very fun and creative process. The subject matter can be anything. In fact we have worked on projects for NHS through to our fan projects such as our Boba Fett animated short film and other Star Wars Parodies. [ Check out the Youtube channel for our own projects ]

2D Animation can be applied to something simple, such as a logo reveal, or short animated GIF, through to a more involved short story. Every project is different and budgets vary, so it is always best to get in touch and talk through your requirements so we can look at the best solution for you.

If you have a script then great, if you have some idea of how you want it to look, then awesome! Ge this over to us, so we can then give you a better idea of costs and timescales.

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