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Blog writing can be both very challenging and time consuming.

For this on-going cartoon strip series, we are presented with an initial draft blog. From this we pick through any interesting points that we feel could make an interesting visual. A rough sketch is then drawn out for each panel and presented to the client.

Once the rough visuals have been approved, the final artwork is then created. The process per blog typically takes 3 to 4 hours of artwork time. But allowing for feedback, form start to end each cartoon strip can take a few days.

  • Concepts

  • Digital Illustration

  • Cartoon Drawings

Software and Processes used

Every project is different, and quite often requires using different software to accomplish. In the most part Adobe Photoshop is used to create any rough concept work and visuals. Form this the final artwork is then either finished in Photoshop or taken into Adobe Illustrator to create neater lines. It all depends on the look and feel required for the final artwork.  When creating animations, the initial process is the same for artwork, but then taken into Animation software.

When animating, software such as Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion are utilised with all final video editing done in Final Cut Pro.

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

Cartoon Characters
Final Artwork
Cartoon Strip

Cartoon Illustrations

Cartoon illustrations, can be used in many different ways. Even if the message is serious, there’s no reason why you can’t throw a bit of light hearted design style into the mix to help keep the audience engaged. In fact sometimes a more lighter approach gets better results than a stuffy corporate looking illustration.

With every Cartoon illustration created, we initially create rough concepts to establish a look and feel. Often you may have an idea of a style you like the look of, and this is great as it can be used to spark that initial style. Once a rough cartoon is agreed, we then set to work creating the final artwork.

And no matter whether you want the Cartoon illustrations for print, web or video, we can ensure the format supplied meets your requirement such as Vector Artwork in Adobe Illustrator or Bitmap JPG images or transparent background PNG.

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