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Digital Artwork


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Digital Artwork can take on many forms, anything from rough sketch looks, paper cut-out style artwork, a mixture of photos and drawn artwork along with textures.

Pretty much anything goes here! Just a question of how adventurous you want to be, how much money you want to spend and what you are trying to a cheive with the artwork. But don’t panic! we know what we’re doing, let’s have a chat.

  • Paper Cut-out

  • Hand Drawn Style

  • Mixed Media

Software and Processes used

Every project is different, and quite often requires using different software to accomplish. In the most part Adobe Photoshop is used to create any rough concept work and visuals. Form this the final artwork is then either finished in Photoshop or taken into Adobe Illustrator to create neater lines. It all depends on the look and feel required for the final artwork.  When creating animations, the initial process is the same for artwork, but then taken into Animation software.

When animating, software such as Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion are utilised with all final video editing done in Final Cut Pro.

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Toon Boom Harmony

  • Apple Motion

Rough Sketches
Web Design
Print Materials

Digital Artwork

Digital Artwork covers a whole host of styles and creations. This is pretty much anythings goes. Whether you want to mix photographs with illustrations or have a purely original piece of artwork created, there really is no limit to what can be done.


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